It is in the 17th arrondissement of Paris that this place full of charm and elegance was born. At the helm, Fabien Roque: interior designer. True to form, he applies here a signature all in elegance and harmony, between refined style and luminosity. Focus on this apartment.

Nine months is the time it took the Roque Interiors agency to create this 110 m² setting. Different constraints presented themselves to the interior designer. He was facing a space with great potential, with its parquet floor, its moldings and its fireplace, but underexploited, because the layout of the apartment did not highlight the different spaces.

The interior designer then set out to work on the volumes of this living space. 

For this, he articulates the apartment around a space: the living room. All in roundness, from the furniture to the space itself, this piece is a central element of the project. 

Bathed in light thanks to the large windows and the color of the walls, it is in a refined style that Fabien Roque approaches this place. 

From the bedroom to the bathroom via the living room and the kitchen, nothing is left to chance: each element is unique and designed for a unique space. In terms of materials, he relies on light wood, marble, polished concrete or even terrazzo, in sober colors, between shades of beige and white.

This is pure sophistication according to Fabien Roque.


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