Changxing Datang Gong Cha Vipusea Hotel is located in the scenic town of Gong Cha, Changxing County, Huzhou City, which is well known for its tea culture. It is for this establishment that Kenna Design has created a complete interior space.

Between modernity and tradition, Kenna Design revisits the exquisiteness of the Tang style, with a far-reaching oriental aesthetic.  

Since ancient times, China has inherited a certain tradition of establishing order in space through rituals, influencing behavior by creating a particular atmosphere, and transforming moral values ​​into aesthetic consciousness by integrating them in daily life and customs. 

Like the ancients who used graceful, understated colors, the entire space here features an inky, black, and ocher palette, accented with mineral green, phthalo blue, vermilion, and gamboge. , emphasizing the ancient oriental colors. Colors that give rhythm to the space, inviting visitors to travel through narrow and hidden corridors.

The most authentic aspect of the hotel is presented through its structure, texture and lighting, in order to achieve a spatial experience that combines emotion and landscape.

Concise lines, high-quality materials and artistic decoration express the essence of the space with an understated design.


Visuals ©: Tupai Photography

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