Universal and evocative, KÙKÙ is so by its name but also by its concept: that of a traveling, dreamy and, above all, tasty table.

Located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, KÙKÙ is the new Parisian setting where the Mediterranean meets South America. A trendy concept that offers a restaurant and bar experience in a unique and friendly setting at the crossing of Capri, Santorini and Tulum.

At the initiative of this new restaurant, a duo of creative entrepreneurs, formed by Loic Berardengo and Zoltan Paterne, who managed some of the most select and creative establishments in Paris. They immerse us in an extraordinary and lively culinary journey to the four corners of the world thanks to the different universes that we discover within the establishment.

Designed as a multiple place by the architect of the world chain Buddha Bar, François Wapler, KÙKÙ takes up the challenge brilliantly, mixing different worlds and decors in the same place. Abundant and generous, colorful and surprising, they whisk us away from the greyness of Paris.

A change of scenery is assured with a gourmet menu, prepared by chef Julien Gasperi, with fifteen years of experience in starred establishments. The brigade is also a reflection of our world: mixed, dynamic and international.


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