The narrative approach of Delphine Versace and Virginie Friedmann reveals a poetic place that evokes the meeting with Chef Eloi Spinnler. Here is an immersive environment with warm tones. Subtlety and lightness are the hallmarks of this restaurant, named “Orgueil”... and that's no coincidence!

“The Chef wanted his restaurant to be called Orgueil. With great humor, he told us that all the Chiefs were very proud. We then tried to translate pride through a game of allegories, mise en abyme, excess” say the designers of the place.

The furniture, designed to measure, contributes to giving the place its essence and revealing its soul. The floor is covered in terrazzo, the walls clad in US cedar wood panels and the ceilings lacquered or enlivened by ornamental frescoes by illustrator Elsa Blondeaux. 

Here is an offbeat representation of pride in the form of symbolist bestiary illustrations: composed of lion, peacock, and mythical characters like Tantalus or Icarus. 

As for the tables, they are made of travertine or Luana marble, the wall lamps in plaster and the large benches covered in Pierre Frey or Dedar fabrics. An elegant place full of sophistication takes shape…

The passages are marked, to symbolize this feeling of travel, of discovery. The one-way mirror, placed between the two rooms, is a reference to the tale by Lewis Carroll.

Pride is thus personified in a chic and eminently luxurious place. 

A beautiful achievement born of the collaboration between two great houses: Studios Friedman and Versace.


Visual ©: Friedman and Versace Studios.


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