Here is a project signed in 2019 by the Tomaso Piantini agency of arcHITects, an architecture firm based in Milan. This is a restaurant in Manila, Philippines by celebrity chef Salvatore Cuomo.

The “Salvatore Cuomo Cafe” is defined above all by its luminosity. Located in "The Podium" shopping center, it is very popular with professionals who organize business dinners there. And for good reason: it offers a very bright 200 square meter relaxation area and a patio with a veranda.

Putting green in the spotlight, this is the ambition of the design of the places...

Its many tables are filled with incredibly realistic plants. The large Benetti moss wall at the entrance to the restaurant measures 5 x 4 meters and was designed to become the cornerstone of the restaurant. 

It is one of the few elements imported directly, while most furniture was made or purchased locally. Made from Cladonia Stellaris, a 100% natural and stabilized lichen collected from the forests of Northern Europe, the wall offers a strong aesthetic impact. 

According to the architect, from a technical point of view, the Benetti moss wall is not only of great natural appeal but also has the advantage of not requiring maintenance; nor does it attract insects, which Manila is replete with given its tropical climate. 

This vertical garden has another major advantage: it repels mold and resists the humidity of the city,

The Salvatore Cuomo Cafè in Manila received the prestigious Slovenian BigSee 2022 award in the interior category. An award presented to arcHITects on May 5, 2022 during an event organized in Ljubljana. 


Visuals ©: Salvatore Cuomo Café



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