The Rose Thé, establishment inaugurated in 1932, is an eminently historic hotel on the seaside of La Ciotat. Today, it has a new look and is writing a new page in its history under the impetus of its owner: Malika Mokadem. 

The new face of this emblematic hotel is delivered to us after six months of work by a multidisciplinary team of local professionals: Jean-Baptiste Beaulieu (interior designer), Fanny Reggio (decorator and scenographer) and Roxane Bondono (interior designer) . 

Here is what Fanny Reggio says: “La Ciotat is a small town, it is getting bigger, and the Rose Thé is a beautiful setting that you want to remember. I am passionate about decorating bars and restaurants. I like bold decorative touches. This is what makes the difference." Here she puts her passion at the service of this historic hotel and brings it a revisited vision of the 30s. 

Inspired by the Mediterranean, the decoration of Le Rose Thé oscillates between freshness, authenticity and modernity. Here is a place where it is good to live and that we leave with a little twinge in the heart, so much we are attached to it. 

Since the beginning of the renovation of the establishment, everyone has made a commitment to respect the environment. The idea is to obtain the Green Key Label in order to best honor eco-gestures. At the edge of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean bays, they favor local agricultural actors, for local and seasonal cuisine.

This is how a Mediterranean wind began to blow on Le Rose Thé, turning a page in its history, by writing a new one...


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