Ekimetrics has once again placed its trust in Vincent Gloria & Levisalles for this fourth workplace. They chose to combine the two Parisian sites into one, to create a flagship, which reflects the evolution and spirit of Ekimetrics: a company established throughout the world, which has kept its dynamic and creative start-up DNA.

This involves switching to the Flex office working mode, to allow the fluidity of working methods, and to maximize the number of employees welcomed at the same time. This address, a stone's throw from the Opera, is spread over three levels in a triangular island building. The trays are articulated around a central patio. The workspaces have been placed along the street side facades to maximize the contribution of natural light.

As with previous Ekimetrics, the workspaces are evenly distributed throughout the site and are punctuated by meeting rooms and spaces for working differently. Each area has a transversal program element creating dynamics, attraction and passage: the Eki.Bienvenue, the Eki.Torium, the Eki.Table... 

The choice of the Flex office (116 workstations) was essential to create more dynamism in working methods. This also induces the creation of specific meeting spaces: war rooms, creativity rooms, studio...

From the Tangram table to the wooden lath, through dark surfaces and contrasting edges, the languages ​​established in the previous locations of Ekimetrics are revisited here, bringing a new look to reflect the evolutions and the desire to constantly reinvent itself. maintaining links with historic areas.


Visuals ©: Arnaud Schelstraete 



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