Amsterdam-based studio i29 converted a 17th century house along the canals near Amstelveld, which had long been abandoned, into a bright house with unexpected views. 

Originally built in 1675, the neglected mansion had fallen into a state of near total ruin. In fact, its renovation took more than two years…

The new interior highlights different areas in color, thus offering new perspectives. 

The kitchen area on the main floor commands its white concrete finishes and features light walls and a custom designed oak kitchen and dining table. Another striking room of the place: the guest bedroom enjoying access to the garden which is accessed by crossing a green glass volume.

The kitchen is visually connected to the study room above by a gray stained oak wall, which also provides a lovely entrance to the rooms upstairs. This same gray offers continuity with the living room, but in the form of a fabric wallcovering for the acoustics. Behind a rotating wall of books in the living room, another hidden area reveals a space for reading or lounging, engulfed in a soothing blue finish.

The design of the upstairs bedrooms radiates comfort and luxury as if to create a true hotel experience. The master bedroom, with its original roof construction, is separated from the bathroom by a mirrored volume which encloses both the stairwell and the shower area. The walls of the latter are equipped with two-way mirrors, which allow a direct view of the canals. 

The adjoining bathroom has a traditional Japanese bathtub and a matching free-standing washbasin, both in wood. All the new interventions here have been made to measure while integrating into the existing environment... 


Visuals ©: Ewout Huibers


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