MINING Club is an eclectic bar tucked away in the heart of the bustling business district of Kunming, China, designed by Chinese architect CUN FF. Under the influence of color, materials and light, the main designer, Fang Fei, creates here a mysterious and dreamlike atmosphere and creates a free space, freeing itself from limits to invite the senses to awaken... 

As night approaches, MINING offers a place conducive to introspection, the release of emotions and energies... Visitors escape their daily lives and immerse themselves in a vibrant spectacle of sounds, lights and colors. .

In this bar, the vibrations of the sound waves are transformed into waves of light and colors that never stop. The LED light strips also contribute to the atmosphere of the space. Part of the main body of the bar is made of glass bricks to create harmony and absorb the neon light. In addition, a laser device emits a beam of red light, delimiting the space, and making it possible to project information on the ground and thus create interactions between the space and its guests... 


Visuals ©: Naxin | INSPACE


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