Trained by the prestigious École Boulle, Jérôme Bugara has collaborated via his project management company, JWB, with the biggest names in interior design such as Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Tristan Auer, or Gulla Jonsdottir, decorator emeritus from Los Angeles.

Technical and rigorous to the millimeter, he began to move towards interior design in 2015 and created, as an extension of his achievements, his eponymous company Jérôme W Bugara, with his companion, then wife Maygane de Soete Bugara.

In the constant search to offer transcendent and unique collections, he decided, in 2022, to found Jérôme Bugara Editions, his limited edition line of interior decoration products, which combines the softness of the layout with the dazzling innovation. , in its image and that of its customers.

With his attention to detail and his extensive knowledge of materials, Jérôme Bugara turned to interior design by creating Jérôme W Bugara. Before creating a real international reputation around his work, he surrounded himself over the years with the best companions with whom he maintains unbreakable ties. 

Visuals ©: Alban Couturier, Jérôme W Bugara, Nicolas Lobbestael


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