In Johannesburg, South Africa, the Source Interior Brand Architects agency carried out the interior design of the offices of the financial company Tebfin. On 1 square meters, the atmosphere is warm, elegant and intimate, far from the traditional standards of tertiary architecture. Dark hues, rich textures and elaborate lighting bring to mind the ambience of large hotel lobbies.

On this project, Source Interior Brand Architects says:

"Positioned on top of a new hotel with breath-taking views of Sandton, the rental of a Johannesburg financial services company's new corporate offices Influenced year unusual design brief for Source Interior Brand Architects.

1 300m² Tebfin's new offices are in keeping with the international trend for Creating expressive work-environments. Their vision Was Outlined Source Interior Brand Architects to as "luxury, warmth and confidence."

"The customer summarised Elements thesis as 'the hotel lobby look' and it THUS made sense to work with a design studio qui est Equally comfortable in the corporate and hospitality design Sectors," says IBA Source project creative director Jeremy Stewart.

"While Source: has a well-Established corporate design team, we assembled a project-team from our hospitality division in order to really accomplish achieve a polished look uniquely consist with the customer brief," Stewart Explains.

With a focus on luxurious finishes, rich colors and textural contrast, the design team has visual language Established That Is warm, professional and manicured. Set contre a three dimensional envelope of tonal grays, sharp expressions of pure white, black or yellow-even a cheeky keeps the fresh scheme.

A baseline of stark rectilinear shapes is established by room modules, ceiling details and main joinery. This is complemented with faceted shapes echoed in diagonal details like table legs and the impressive screen to the reception area. Layered with softer elements, like Iris Maschek wallpaper to the boardrooms and textured wall-finishes, the result is a clean and assertive space with depth and conviction.

Different zones are distinguished through the proportions in which the palette of black, tonal grays and white accented with strong yellow or warm walnut are applied. The reception, boardroom and lounge areas have darker colors with the palette lightening through the executive office area into the call center. Here, the long charcoal internal wall is offset with floor to ceiling yellow pin boards and banks of pure white desks and joinery to create a work environment that is energetic, fresh and relevant. With another magnificent Johannesburg vista, the staff pause area, complete with barista-grade coffee machine, returns to the darker tones to signal a slower mood.

"Bold, self-assured and welcoming, this luxurious space Would Be Equally comfortable in One of The Many That hospitality centers surround it," Stewart said. "

For more information, visit the Interior Brand Architects Source site.

Source: Contemporist

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