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In Sweden, the Danish agency Polyform offers the city of Täby a new downtown which it was until private. The architects imagine a meeting place and activity for locals who marks a new chapter for the town.

The city of Täby developed in 1960 years, following the national plan called "Million Programme", which intended to build one million apartments increased to address the lack of housing. If the program was a success in terms of access to housing, the new suburbs that result rarely have downtown and friendly places for their inhabitants.

"The square Was Intended to be the new heart of Täby and a center piece of the areas new identity." Polyform

In the early 2000 years, the Municipality of Täby acta in favor of urban development strategy. In this context, the Polyform agency transforms the parking lot serving the main commercial center of the city into a vast central square where locals can now meet, participate in events and enjoy an urban life.


The architects of the agency Polyform imagine a space of 10 000 m² with multiple functions and possibilities: relaxation, market, play, concert ... Three lodges dressed in dark metal and green roofs welcome shops and cafes. Ample game to orange hues adopts organic and undulating form where various equipment is housed, plus a hundred fountains, giving the city one of the largest fountains in Sweden.


The set has a large lighting system with more than 500 lighting units. They create different moods and provide instead a friendly and welcoming face dimension to the dark Scandinavian nights.

Photos: Wichmann + Bendtsen, Åke Lindmann

To learn more, visit the site of Polyform (Werk Arkitekter).

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