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30.11.15  ArtCOP21: Potential Cities

COP21 in full, potential Cities, Architecture and Anthropocene aims to reflect on the architectural and urban imaginary convene climate change. Thirty young architects and some of their tutelary figures participate in this event and agree to work to think of the city in the age of the Anthropocene. 30 models, original drawings and 64 90 reference images are trying to restore this imaginary.

27.11.15  COP21: Agricultural town planning, a new territorial fabric?

As part of the COP21, the Agricultural Urbanism Laboratory (LUA) organizes on Thursday, December 3 Bourget (93) a conference on the theme of urban agriculture. An innovative and rich in questions about the new models it produces.

02.10.15  Landscape: Landscape

Landscape: Landscape

14.09.15  lll-Studio: Pigalle Duperré

lll-studio-pigalle-Duperre-From the EPDM rubber, metal and plexiglass, make up this new sports field in central Paris. Designed by Studio-lll, the project stands out and offers a colorful composition at the heart of a Parisian hollow tooth.

06.07.15  Valérie Jouve: Body in resistance

The Jeu de Paume exhibition "Corps en Résistance" brings together for the first time a large selection of the photographic work of Valérie Jouve. The artist works on the staging of the body in urban space and the dialogue between humans and their landscape.

29.06.15  Enota: Promenada

   The law Enota Slovenian architects, led by 2014 a development project in the city of Velenje in Slovenia, whose central point is the requalification of the banks of the river running through it. The architects wanted to offer residents a direct conection with the water and at the same time master the vagaries of the river.

09.06.15  Festival des Architectures vives 2015: 10th edition

  The ephemeral architecture invests the historic center of Montpellier from the 10 14 June. The objective of Lively Architecture Festival is not only open the doors of course mansions in the Shield, the historic district of Montpellier, but also show visitors the work of the younger generation of architects, landscape architects, urban planners, designers ...

08.06.15  Competition at Square gardeners

Designers and craftsmen, they unveiled their projects the 5 June Tuileries Garden. The theme of recreation has become the five designers compete for the title of master gardener, who will play the 2 December at Paysalia salon Lyon.

04.06.15  Public Objects: Mad Herbs

Herbes folles is a collection of individual benches intended for urban use. Available in two different heights, it was made by designer Franck Magné for Public objects.

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