Urbanmobs, cartographie mobile des villes

In collaboration with the Fabernovel company, the telephone operator Orange has developed "UrbanMobs" project offering the visual representation of the activity of mobile phones in the territory. Another way to understand the city and streams running through it.

Recently presented to the public during the exhibition "In the night, images" at the Grand Palais, "Urban Mobs" proposes a "map of popular feelings."

Based on the recovery and processing of data relating to the activity and position mobile phones (calls but also SMS, transfer, roaming, etc.), this project offers us, as dynamic performances, as many mappings the activity of urban populations.

Hollow, "UrbanMobs" could therefore outline a new analysis tool, a way to understand the flows and concentrations for those who shall adjust the territory and make the city, architects, urban planners, designers but also advertisers.

This study was performed on 6 European cities during major public events: the Festival of Music in France, the Night of Saint John in Poland or a soccer game in Spain or Romania.

Find below some examples on video:

Mapping the activity of mobile phones in the Paris metro:

Mapping the activity of mobile phones tourists in Paris:

Mapping of call transfers on mobile phones in Paris:

Other displays are also available for Paris, but also to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Krakow, Warsaw and Bucharest. To discover them, it is here.

And to learn more about UrbanMobs is here et leaves.

In the same spirit, the London artist Christian Nold scientifically measure the emotions of citizens according to their geographical position in the city. From his studies, he draws a graphical representation of emotional territory and sketch a new analytical tool and help to urban design. To know more, discover our article "For an emotional mapping cities".

Source: fabernovel

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