Jean-Marie Massaud : Uluru

For Ravel pottery, designer Jean-Marie Massaud has designed the collection "Uluru", a line of contemporary garden pots that builds on the traditional knowledge of the manufacture.

Created in natural earth, the collection "Uluru" is the first foray into the designer working with clay, a moving and demanding material. The idea that motivated Jean-Marie Massaud and Ravel sisters, was to create pots that could have several functions: coolers, basins, home to brazier, stools or side tables. The result is an elegant series, clean design, and adapted to its environment with high centers of gravity to counter the mistral. Inspiration of the designer, the Australian holy mountain Uluru (a huge rock block of ocher-red) dictated to the name of the collection.

On this project, Jean-Marie Massaud says:

"At Ravel, serene culture was simple things honest, so elegant. [About clay] This is a material to be formed or truly turned by hand, and that changes a lot of his condition wet her dry and cooked. I had originally imagined scales pots 2 or 3 meters high, as well as touches of uses as thin as cigarette paper. Eventually we learned to do with the Double arm length craftsmen. "

For more information, visit the website designer Jean-Marie Massaud and that of the Ravel pottery.  

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