Karavan : Solvallsparken

North of Stockholm (Sweden), the city of Upsal is in full swing! In the middle of residential constructions, an urban park imagined by the landscapers of the Karavan agency animates the district of Rosendal. A set of sporting and playful grounds which makes the happiness of the inhabitants.

All your jogging! Connected to the SEB arena Usif created by Christensen & Co in 2012, a multi-sports center of more than 740 square meters respectful of the environment, the Solvalls Park incorporates some of the forty or so already existing parks in Upsal, with the central point being the outdoor sport, in the heart of a new neighborhood counting 2016 3 dwellings. On 500 20 square meters, it is divided into three areas: one dedicated to entertainment with two playgrounds for children 000 to 1 years, another 5 to 3 years, and finally, one last very consistently dedicated to activities physical with tennis courts, basketball, beach volleyball, football, petanque, ping-pong table, training camp and climbing wall, all lined with a bike path and running. Besides these areas reserved for sportsmen, they may be warned or Sunday, a rest area - decorated with individual sofas, chairs, benches and lawn perfect for picnics - is also available for those who would do there a break or just a stop in their walk. To navigate all this? It is enough to be identified thanks to the materials and colors used.

What delight young and old around a unifying discipline that is sport.

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Photographs: Alex Giacomini