interior architect and designer Rennes, Frederic Saulou us discover his bench "Slate" composed of fine slate fixed vertically on a wooden structure, between fragility and

The Puig Pujol Architectures agency makes us discover its project to extend a barn in the Hautes Pyrénées. Sliding under the curves of the land, the semi-underground house in steel, stone and glass houses a guest bedroom and a workshop. Its large glass facade

"Megaweave" is an outdoor seat in wrought iron interlaced created by designer Luxembourg Dunja Weber. Hand hammered, red iron sections were transformed into thin strips. Six rings intertwine to create and design the structure and

Near the city center of Groningen, in the gardens worker Tuinwijck, Haiko Meijer and the Dutch architecture firm Onix have made this garden shed. Open to the outside, the "Poplar Garden House" sits on a sunny plot, a small wooden house

Inspired by the tree grates and diverting the archetype, Jean-Michel Policar imagined the bench "Palaver", a bench that will protect the trunks of trees while providing a sculptural seating and

Katalin and András Ivánka of Hungarian design agency imagine Ivanka concrete objects. They created the slab Orto in landscaping. In the fine grooves running through it, the foam develops, browsing the concrete plant and grounds

The architect Jesus Torres shows us his latest creation, a waterfront development in Almeria, Spain. In an exceptional landscape that was the setting for many films like "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" by Sergio Leone, he directed a natural urban design and geometric, composed of

For their last urban installation "For one night, They Were lamps ..." Luzinterruptus the designers have topped fifty metal terminals bulbs and red plastic buckets to turn them into small lamps. Ephemeral creations that offer a few hours for an intimate and shifted rapidly

Presented this weekend in London's Canary Wharf at the London Festival of Architecture, "Giant Knitting Nancy" is an urban installation designed by the English studio Superblue Design. Inspired

For outdoor furniture manufacturer Tectona, the French designer Inga Sempé designed this outdoor shower teak and stainless steel. A garden shower lines
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