Line of street furniture created by Designworks USA, BMW Group design studio, "Metro40" offers organic lines and contemporary by mixing wood and metal.

These LED strips slide into the hollow joints of tiles or wall panels. Finesse.

Decorative and insulating both the vertical garden is becoming more democratic. For ease of implementation, Waterflore offers a modular system consisting of pre-grown panels.

Tucked under a bridge in Amsterdam, the "Mood Wall" is a wall of LEDs disseminating videos and interactive reacting to the passage of pedestrians. An original way to illuminate an often dark and scary place.

In collaboration with the Fabernovel company, the telephone operator Orange has developed "UrbanMobs" project offering the visual representation of the activity of mobile phones in the territory. Another way to understand the city and streams running through it.

Located in the heart of Helsinki, the Citywall is a wall screen accessible to passers-by, providing them with real-time urban and municipal information. But more than a simple digital medium, the Citywall shines with its interactivity and advanced ergonomics, using the latest touchscreen technologies. A new, intuitive and spectacular way to inform in an urban environment.

A team of American scientists is currently studying the possibilities of recovering heat from solar radiation on the asphalt of our roads and our car parks. Promising work which should make it possible in the near future to use our road network as a source of hot water and electrical energy.

In New York, the heart of Manhattan, very real barriers site provides access to a virtual world and online information. An extraordinary experience that invites us to rethink our perception of the city and our relationship with our environment.

Currently on newsstands, the July issue of the journal Abitare comes with the supplement "Zona # 2". Behind this title hides in fact the latest edition of the editorial project of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano: "Zona - For the observation of an unstable territory".
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