For Cinna, François Azambourg imagined "Mesh", a series of metal-made pieces deployed. The grid thus obtained is then folded origami how to shape a bed, sofa,

The Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue presents its series "Cabaret" consists of a swivel armchair, a low chair and a sofa. Composed of metallic structures lined with a foam and weaving fabric, these seats are

The Dutch designers of furniture Maandag imagined seating system "Bosbank". Composed of four galvanized hooks, four-foot wood and two straps, it creates a bench from a single trunk

"Granny Hamac" is a rocking chair designed by WA.DE.BE Designers and presented on the occasion of Maison & Objet. It consists of a solid beech structure for the indoor version or in

In the village of Jaujac in Ardeche, the visual Marseille Gaëlle Villedary directed "Red Carpet", a temporary installation made from 168 lawn rollers. A grass strip over 400 meters and crosses the village, winding through the streets, public space paths, asphalt and cement, as a resurgence of life, a

For Guinguette Pirate, the architecture firm Encore Heureux designed "Small Bath", a cultural facility and floating theater moored at the foot of the Bibliothèque François Mitterand in the thirteenth arrondissement

Proposed by De Castelli and designed by the brand's R&D department, "Cottage n ° 1" is a garden hut with a contemporary and minimal design. Made of pine wood, it is dressed in a steel shell

The planning agency Universe sign the development of Place Albert Bayet in Rennes, in the district of Bretigny, southwest of the city. Projecting a metal structure and organic, grass and trees, balls of granite on a graph concrete floor, and the agency redeveloping

For B&B Italia, designer Patricia Urquiola has created an outdoor version of her "Husk" armchair presented at the last Milan Design Week. "Husk Outdoor" consists of an enveloping Hirek shell dressed in a series of soft cushions and

To create this stool, Mexican designer Christian Vivanco was inspired by the "Tianguis", these open-air markets of Mexico. Composed of a plate and set foot pine on a piece of metal junction of bright color, the stool "El Tianguis" mounts and dismounts with ease, such as lightweight structures
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