Inspired by tree grates and by diverting the archetype, Jean-Michel Policar imagined the "Palabres" bench, a public bench that will protect tree trunks while offering a sculptural and generous seat.

Made of stainless steel laser cut, the bench "Palaver" is also available in color coated steel versions. Manufactured and distributed by France Inox, it is suitable for outdoor use in public space.

On this project, Jean-Michel Policar says:

"Each new meeting industry is a new experiment for me: I draw all my inspiration that I put into my relationship with societal observations, my desires, my culture, and the need to make sense.

France Inox has two areas of expertise, street furniture and professional kitchens. Free from any other constraint than that of using stainless steel, I observed the company, its tools, its distribution networks. Sensitive to the question of landscape, I decided to deal with furniture and plants in the city. We did two parallel searches. The “Palabres” bench is certainly the most emblematic; the “Herbs” collection, more experimental in the manufacturing process and material optimization; in my opinion, it is a longer term reflection.

Inspired by Parisian tree grates, "Palaver" reinterprets the archetypal signs and reveals a new use: the grid suddenly raised as a bench, an accident in the urban space.

Beyond the quote is a reflection on the reorganization of the public space which seeks to focus the obstacles, associate services, create the "mutuality".

Both protection of the tree, shaded rest this bench could help plant more trees in town.

Composed of two identical elements assembled, Palaver is easily installed around a tree - maximum diameter 48 cm - and can be easily removed for any seasonal maintenance, airy structure allowing her access to daily maintenance.

Made of stainless steel laser cut, also available in powder coated steel color. "

Dimensions (LxWxH): x 170 156 82 cm x

Photos: Studio Collet

For more information, visit the website Jean-Michel Policar And the one of Francinox.

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