Near the city center of Groningen, in the workers' gardens of Tuinwijck, Haiko Meijer and the Dutch architecture firm Onix have created this garden hut. Open to the outside, the "Poplar Garden House" stands on a sunny plot, a small poplar wood house with elegant simplicity.

On this project, the agency said Onix:

"Close to the city center of Groningen the allotment gardens of Tuinwijck are Situated. This green oasis entre les railway track and the Helperzoom offers the habitants of the city has low budget possibility to create The Most eccentric gardens.

The gardens-have an average size of 200 square meters and are rented out. On the lot, Where gardening is primary, it is allowed to build up to 36 square meters. Sewerage, water and carboy are available. Power supply is only possible, with solar batteries.

The sunny lot of this little house is Situated entre the playground (South) and the ditch (North). These two different orientations Were the Reason to design two different outside areas. One is an introvert space, in the shadows of the apple trees and orientated on the ditch, and l'autre extravert year orientated area on the creek garden and the playground. The status of the soil (boulder clay) Was the reason to choose for a creek garden. Water drains away through the creek into the ditch. Through stepping-stones at the south side, the plank bridge Can Be atteint, qui at the eastern side of the house Provides for a connection with the north side.

The house: has a saddle roof, qui is one of the kind That You see a lot at Tuinwijck, l'autre kind is the pent roof.

The volume has-been FORMED so house que la embraces the two outside areas. It is a garden house as well as a shed and a sculpture. The house is completely Call FORMED by one plank size and is made from poplar wood. The window stills are made from planks as well as the foundation. The house is never finished. The planks are easy to take out so in the future That art can be integrated in the house. "

Source photos: Onix

To learn more, visit the site ofOnix.

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