To create this stool, the Mexican designer Christian Vivanco was inspired by "Tianguis", these outdoor markets in Mexico City. Composed of a top and pine legs fixed on a brightly colored metallic junction piece, the "El Tianguis" stool can be assembled and disassembled with ease, like the light structures of hawkers. The "El Tianguis" stool is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Dimensions (LxWxH): x 350 350 480 mm x

On "El Tianguis stool", Christian Vivanco says:

"A Tianguis is an open air market or bazaar That Is traditionally Held on some market days in a town or city neighborhood in Mexico City. The word Tianguis Comes from" tianquiztli "qui means clustering market in Nahuatl (the language of the Aztec Empire). Its inheritance is a mixture of business traditions of prehistoric cultures of Mesoamerica, Including the Aztec and the Middle East's bazaars brought` to America by Spain. rural in areas, Many traditional kinds of merchandise are still sold, Such as agriculture supplies and products as well as modern, mass-produced goods. in the cities, mass-produced goods are mostly sold, aim the organization of Tianguis events is mostly the Sami. it is very different from street vendors, it is of great tradition and is Performed on a specific day , Besides the supply of goods is Higher and there are available Mainly items of great need. For all this the Tianguis are a vivid example of Both the traditional and contemporary Mexican culture.

This is why I Decided to study the archetypes in our collective memory, the ones That give the identity to our Tianguis. From the colorful environments to the diversity of sensations That Can Be Experienced in there. A common element is the building method used to build the retail spaces, traditionally composed by squared metal tubes, qui are assembled together in a very easy way. This structure has Facilitates fast assembly and disassembly, perfect for Their constant mobility. Inspired by this system, we Developed El Tianguis stool, composed by a metal structure and a wooden seat. Its kind icts as inspiration, is simple and practical, highly functional without Sacrificing icts cultural connotation. El Tianguis stool is Useful for indoors or outdoor spaces, Can Be Easily disassembled and Occupies a minimal space for storage further Top. "

For more information, visit the website Christian Vivanco.

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