The urban planning agency Univers signs the development of Place Albert Bayet in Rennes, in the Brétigny district, to the south-west of the city. Projecting a metallic and organic structure, grasses and trees, granite balls on a graphic concrete floor, the agency is thus redeveloping the existing parking lot into a public space, giving back part of the space to pedestrians to create a parking space. market, a place of life and meetings between the inhabitants.

On this project, the Agency Universe says:

"The restructuring of Place Albert Bayet was a commitment of the city of Rennes to its inhabitants and their quality of life. In the South West of Rennes, the Bréquigny area is heterogeneous. The pavilions, services and large groups confront each other. The reconstructed space was originally the sole function of parking. There was no specific appeal for its people. the development of Place Albert Bayet born of the dual urban link will and improvement of the living environment its inhabitants. the project aims to reclassify the site as such (market square, place of living, intergenerational meetings), and as a public space (reducing car up for the benefit of pedestrians and cycles). the Universe agency was able to offer an identity social landscape by creating a place at the neighborhood level. space has become qualitatively with structuring and arrangement in different spaces.

A humanist landscape

Urban space has long been considered a "non-place" where the automobile was king. This was the case in Albert Bayet where the parking and the road system had full influence in the middle of the habitat. The approach of the Univers agency was to consider the square as a landscape in its own right and to reinforce the place of man. In addition to its parking function, the square has a use value and a meaning as a landmark in the neighborhood. The urban landscape has become more sensitive. It enhances the living environment in the neighborhood: it becomes human. A large metal structure builds the north of the square.

The return of the plant

The concept of the Urban Planning and Landscape Agency proposes plant sequences that come to "breathe" in space. 

Grasses and trees bring a lightness and delicacy that meet the balls of granite and concrete floor. A glycine embraces the metal structure from the foundation to the heart of the trellis. The plant seems suspended. transparencies are created. The thinness and lightness take place within an urban neighborhood rigid geometry. The renaissance of plant reinforces social bonds in the square.

A social site

The open space, not defined in the urban space, was a welcome artistic structure which closes the space, make it a family place. The place is announced and identified from major adjacent axes. The commitment to detail and strength of the project allows a spatial structure that fosters relationships. The square has become a friendly place where the customs come alive. Place Albert Bayet was able to find a space of collective life with a distinct layout, friendly atmosphere, a sculpture and urban design identity. The market moved. It strengthened the relationship between residents, businesses and place, increased attractiveness is seen. Merchants have seen their business grow. Young and old alike have recognized this area as a public square. She has created a social bond. "

To learn more, visit theAgency Universe.

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