Tucked under a bridge in Amsterdam, the "Mood Wall" is a wall of LEDs disseminating videos and interactive reacting to the passage of pedestrians. An original way to illuminate an often dark and scary place.

In Amsterdam, in the district of Bijlmermeer, the "Mood Wall" is nestled under the road bridge Okkermanviaduct along a passage for pedestrians.

interactive wall concept created by Urban Alliance, Dutch agency specialized in the design of lighting solutions for public spaces, this book of 24 meters in length consists of 2 500 LEDs and a video system. 

It allows the alternating distribution of a standard program entitled "Urban Wallpaper" and interactive sequences whose colors and patterns evolve with the passage of pedestrians.

Intervention in the city in addition to the existing, contextual and to improve the experience of reality, the "Mood Wall" lights and colors usually a dark and disturbing place.

To learn more about Urban Alliance visit their website.

Source: Superfuture

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