With "Ariane", designer Emilie Colin Garros imagined small trellis modules that attach to the wall to allow vegetation to develop there. Creating an interior landscape in perpetual mutation, "Ariane" recently competed for the "Jardins Jardin 2012" Innovation Prize in the "Object" category.

On this project, Emilie Colin Garros says:

"The trusses often designed on the principle of regular frames in diamond or square tend to create plant landscapes and floral uniforms. Also, often sold in 1 meter format 3 they cover a significant portion of the wall even before the plant has begun to grow. Based on these observations, the proposed lattice Ariane proposes to make a real wall graphic space constantly changing where the wall is no longer fully covered and hidden by the plant. the modules allow mounting plant spaces and transform wall space according to the gradual growth of the plant. the plant is wrapped along the "arms" guided by the modules. it is extracted from the vertical space defined by the pot for spread and thus create new spaces, always modifiable. "

To learn more, visit the site ofEmilie Colin Garros.

The event will be held Gardens Garden in the Tuileries Gardens from May 31 3 2012 June.

For more information, visit the website gardens Garden.

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