At 4 Boulevard de la Chapelle in the XNUMXth arrondissement of Paris, in a building by architects Stéphane Bigoni and Antoine Mortemard, architect Takami Nakamoto and artist and illustrator Noémi Schipfer created the fluorescent fresco "Hide and Seek". Made of vertical and horizontal lines of phosphorescent paint, it stretches over the concrete wall of the porch, between the street and the houses. "Hide and Seek" represents an abstract forest. Its graphic composition dialogues with the verticality of the entrance gates and with the horizontality of the porch. The night "Hide and Seek" emits a discreet and reassuring glow, welcoming the visitor.

[youtube] W35uI5IIJi4 [/ youtube]

[youtube] 1cxtk7_4GDw [/ youtube]

For more information, visit the website Takami Nakamoto and Naomi Schipfer.

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