In the aisles of "Garden Garden" at the Tuileries stands the library "Standard number 4 - vegetated". By designer Marc Ferrand in partnership with Matthew Jacobs, a designer and plant designer in Gally Study Office, this monumental outdoor furniture and revegetated based on a constructive principle consists of two standard elements poplar plywood.

How they double shiplap assembly is particularly flexible, for performing modular wall systems straight or curved, circular spaces or library to create arches, walls or shelters. Lightweight and simple to implement, he assembled and disassembled without tools and then stores flat. Dressed in a membrane, it allows for pavilions and temporary exhibition spaces.


For more information, visit the website Marc Ferrand.


The event will be held Gardens Garden in the Tuileries Gardens from May 31 3 2012 June.


For more information, visit the website gardens Garden.

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