Students in design at the ESAD of Reims, Luke Beaussart, Audrey Charré and Clementine Schmidt received the Special Mention of the Innovation Competition "Gardens Garden" for their project "Urban Serres".

These fine structures of wire draw the outline of micro-architectures that signal, protect and serve to support the development of small plants that grow in the city. An approach aimed at upgrading the wilderness by inviting citizens to use as compost for their houseplants by adding corn syrup.


On this project, the designers specify:

"The interest of this project was to reconsider the already present nature in the city, to find a goal to create a cycle from the city and for the city."For more information, visit the Reims ESAD website. "

To learn more, visit theESAD of Reims.


The event will be held Gardens Garden in the Tuileries Gardens from May 31 3 2012 June.


For more information, visit the website gardens Garden.

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