Inspired by the meteors, the designer Frédéric Ruyant imagined 5 these research projects between architecture and furniture. Landscape service, these creations were presented to "Garden Garden" at the Tuileries a few days ago.

The visitor is able to discover the thermal cover "Solar Hut", the recovery of rainwater "Rain Me" wind generator "Wind's Echoes", light wind turbine "Eolux" and turn "Canopy" both trailer, deck and watch.

Frédéric Ruyant states:

"The meteors, phenomena that occur in the atmosphere, elements of what is commonly called" time, "the Greek meteors (μετέωρος) meaning" who is above "(Meteora, in Greek" hanging in the air "), visible on the surface of the globe, are the active forces of nature that shape the landscape and affect our lives Operating under different modes closely:. aqueous events (rain, snow, hail), gas (wind clouds), electrical (thunder, lightning) or optical (rainbow skies, northern lights), manifestations of natural phenomena that make up the meteors are a field of investigation and inspiration rich and fertile. "

For more information, visit the website Frédéric Ruyant And the one of gardens Garden.

The event "Gardens Garden" took place in the Tuileries Gardens from May 31 3 2012 June.

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