Interior architect and designer Damien Gires designed "Urban Terrace", a small cardboard tray that is positioned on the anti-parking poles to turn them into side tables.

Conducted by PlanB SARL, "Urban Terrace" is particularly suitable for use at events or openings that extend into the street, allowing visitors to ask their glass there time for a discussion. "Urban Terrace" is available in white lacquer or printable custom promotional support as brands or events.

On this project, Damien Gires says:

"By creating Urban Terrace I wanted to give back to the city a friendly face. Today Urban Terrace totally filled his role, even more, because by offering a customizable surface, it is positioned to ambling as medium of exchange."

Photos: Catalina Sour

For more information, visit the website Damien Gires and that ofUrban Terrace.

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