For the Italian publisher Metalco, the Barcelona studio Lagranja Design has designed the modular bench system "Abracadabra".

Composed of wooden elements, stone, aluminum and steel in various forms, it can compose sets of sculptural and colorful street furniture.

Lagranja precise design:

"Abracadabra is more than a bench. It is a set of elements of different colors and materials That combined give birth to an infinite number of shapes. Linear, cross, gold with a branch structure. It can start at 140 centimeters and reach 20 meters . It is an iconic object, a little urban sculpture. an antidote to the gray of our cities. Pietra serena stone, painted iron, wood, and recycled aluminum are The Chosen materials. Each element, HOWEVER, is made of a single material, to allow - in many, many years from now. - for easy recycling "

For more information, visit the website Lagranja Design And the one of Metalco.

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