The collective of Parisian architects Encore Heureux turns the classic picnic table to turn it into a hammock. temporary outdoor furniture, the "table - Hammock" was presented as part of the exhibition "Living" at the Domaine de Chamarande in Essonne.

On this project, Encore Heureux says:

"For the exhibition fairs, organized by the Coal Chamarande, we propose an installation that consists with already. Spread out across the park, a few hundred picnic tables are the main destination of furniture visitors parc.Rustiques and traditional, the mundane nature of these tables seem as out of step with the mood of this remarkable garden with ancient trees. hammock table is the proposal of a new use or a minimum of manipulation table picnic becomes a resting furniture and nap. in a reversal 180 degrees, the wooden structure is the support and reinforcement of accro- display a hammock stretched between the four legs of the table and stabilized by adding chevrons.Ces wooden rafters from a campaign felling of trees from the forest area. the added elements are assembled by moisage, using the same technique as that used for the table, and painted in bright red. This change is reversible furniture and hammock table may at any time become a single table.A simple action for a single use using a minimum of material resources and energy. Do with the means at edges for a nap in the shade of the trees ... "

For more information, visit the group site Still happy.

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