In collaboration with Alias ​​and editor for the American fast food giant, designer Patrick Norguet imagined the outdoor furniture line "Come" that will equip the terraces and exterior spaces of McDonald's worldwide.

This collection consists of 28 parts made of sheet steel, concrete and Corian tables, chairs, lamps, planters, benches, trash cans and screen. The first equipped restaurants are located in Bordeaux and northern France.


Patrick Norguet states:

"For this project as for each of my projects, I wanted to pay keen attention to the final use. Draw a quality space that fits into the time that meets the requirements and demands to own McDonald's. Not all completely outside or completely inside, the terrace is experienced as an extension of the restaurant, a separate space for a different experience.

It is also a major project for me because we managed to connect two universes around the project, and thus develop products of high quality.

The association with Alias, allowed me to reach the level of demand that I wanted for this ensemble of 28 objects. A family of tables, chairs, low chairs, lamps, planters, benches, trash cans and screen. "

For more information, visit the website Patrick Norguet

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