Presented for the first time at Lyon City Design, the "Bench Pebble" was imagined by designer Benjamin Rousse.

An island in the city, white concrete monolith invites the passer to settle and take ownership of this item of street furniture. His larch mast has LEDs and evokes the shape of a tree on which hang his clothes, a new way to interact with the structure.

On this project, Benjamin Rousse says:

"The roller bench is a rest area, a loophole through simple forms. In its opening, is accommodated an object to discover and share ... The wooden pole on the side, is ideal for hanging clothes, set a solar panel to collect light day and disseminate the night and can finally modulate signage branch informative purposes. Presented for the first time at LYON CITY DESIGN at the Grand Hotel God and born of the collaboration with the Concrete business concept and carpentry Brocard Durand.

This bench invites people to exchange sharing books that were assessed, as well as raise awareness of energy conservation.

I wanted to go a little further than just urban bench, creating a space for reverie and poetry in the city.

The roller bench will fit as much in private, in the urban landscape. "

For more information, visit the website Benjamin Rousse.


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