Guyon The workshops have made Vercheres, a small village located near Montreal, the "Banks Sails". Mid way project between art and design, it honors the first founders of the city arrived by boat in the area.

Commissioned by the city of Vercheres, this dreamlike and functional creation is made of metal and white oak. These small boats stand in the landscape, the dress and created a surreal and poetic atmosphere.


On this project, workshops Guyon specify:

"Located in Verchères, a small village near Montreal, this monument pays tribute to the original founders of the city who arrived by wind and water as soon 1740 in the region. Walkers can then sit on these benches park and relive the history of Vercheres its inception. Made only by the villagers, it also honors the artisans today who perpetuate the art of their ancestors to make things good. the used white oak this project also refers to the timber used by people 18e century for the construction of boats. "

Photos: Les Ateliers Guyon

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