In New York, the heart of Manhattan, very real barriers site provides access to a virtual world and online information. An extraordinary experience that invites us to rethink our perception of the city and our relationship with our environment.

Created by a group of New York architects and multimedia artists led by Carolina Cisneros, Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena et Mateo PintoThe installation "Houston Fence" takes place at the corner of Houston and Broadway in Soho.

For this creation, the team used the barriers of the neighboring building site as support. Small colored elements have been placed on each barrier to create a permeable pattern that is as decorative as it is rich in meaning. Indeed, each of these small parts acts like a pixel to form on the grids the patterns of a QR code, a sort of 2-dimensional barcode. The passer-by then just needs to take a photo of these patterns with his mobile phone equipped with software capable of decrypting the QR codes to go directly to the website of the project team. Note that this QR code can be read at different scales and speeds, the pedestrian, cyclist or motorist.

With “Houston Fence”, a very real artefact, in this case a simple construction barrier, becomes a gateway to a virtual universe. Thanks to this process, the passer-by can, depending on the places he visits, connect to the Internet and quickly access contextual information ... The real and the virtual then resonate. This experience which flirts with the augmented reality invites us to think differently about our physical environment. New perspectives are offered to architects and designers, making it possible to modify the perception and enrich the practice that the user can have of the city and its built environment, going beyond the established borders of real and virtual worlds ...

Check out a video of the installation:

[youtube] KkwULv6OlBg [/ youtube]

To learn more about the project, visit Houston Fence

sources: Houston Fence et All About Mobile Life

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