A multidisciplinary team led by the agency H + N + S Landscape Architects has designed and built a park near the Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. The project, conceived as an invented topography and covered nature, reduces noise due to the presence of aircraft building on the landscape tools.

Takeoffs and landings of aircraft, supported by a strong development of the airport and the construction of a fifth runway at Schiphol, were the main motivations to imagine a place capable of being the buffer made of these nuisances. We had to reduce, absorb and deflect the loud noise caused by the engines of all kinds. The design of the park, able to respond is an innovative strategy leveraging the art of working the land and landscape. The project creates an invented and calculated terrain to play with sound waves developed by the aircraft. The result is between a garden with a contemporary flair and a land art piece on nearly 36 hectares.

Buitenschot the park not only reduces noise transmission but also adds aesthetic and recreational values ​​in the region. A slender geometry in different directions creates a unique landscape in which onlookers are invited to walk. The basic element of this new landscape is an embankment model 3 meters high replicated throughout the site. Wide paths between these trails serve visitors. The edges of this landscape geometry are placed perpendicular to the sound waves to enable optimal noise reduction. This led to a specific shape and an original relationship with the landscape.

Photographies: Paul de Kort, Marleen Bos et Your Captain Luchtfotografie

To learn more, visit the site H + N + S Landscape Architects

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