In the family of mini architectural projects I ask ... HUGE Studio! On the occasion of the last Madrid Design Festival, this Madrid workshop which has made mobility and innovation its specialties stood out thanks to Montaña en la Luna, an itinerant and open workspace, designed for the famous brand MINI automobile.

It has already proven this on several occasions: MINI, the English subsidiary of the BMW automotive group, is very interested in the issue of micro-dwellings, especially in urban areas. The Urban Cabin of Los Angeles et the Mini Living and Built by All prototypes presented in Milan this year are eloquent examples. A reflection that the brand with two wings pushed to the professional field, asking ENORME Studio architecture agency to imagine a prototype of an evolving workplace, mobile and open to the city.

From this order was born Montaña en la Luna, a hybrid project - and on wheels! -, made up of several street furniture modules (each including benches, mobile phone charging stations, solar-powered lights, and even green spaces!) As well as a design workshop. Installed under a glass roof, the latter actually houses an annex of the MINI Hub (co-working center set up by the brand of the same name and located in the district). Here, residents are invited to come and discuss and reflect with designers on projects of the same caliber, so that they can see one day - who knows? - push other mountains on the moon ...

To learn more, visit the ENORME Studio website and MINI Hub 

Photographs: Javier de Paz García

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