“The Chemin des Carrières, the career path, is a lace undulating in the landscape, an invitation to travel as our ambition behind the reconquest of the Rosheim-St Nabor railway in Alsace, France. " It is in these words that the architects of the firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter describe the Chemin des Carrières, an 11-kilometer poetic route that brings nature back to the center of the built landscape.

For the Chemin des Carrières project, architecture is at the service of the rail heritage of the Rosheim-St Nobor site (67). With the aim of serving the quarries of the region, the route adapts to the hilly landscapes of the Vosges hills while telling the story of this ancient railway landscape.

A past that we find here in the materials and in the journey that winds the hilly site punctuated with urban furniture. The very design of the project is also inspired by the dual function of the old ways - namely industrial and passenger transport -, and also proposes to combine the functional with the imaginary of travel by highlighting particular places. Thus, the whole is divided into five chapters punctuating the walk of the users of the Chemin des Carrières. As when taking a train, we are thus free to “get off” at each stop, each telling a particular story.

The first stop is that of "Rosheim". Symbol of the past, this pavilion made by intertwined circles in corten steel is a labyrinth playing with the remains of the railway still visible here. Embellished with benches, this stage is conducive to reflection and contemplation.
"Boersch" embodies the journey through a large landscaped square open to the water. Consisting of a carpet of rails inserted in brushed concrete, the structure is decorated with two wooden structures under which travelers can shelter.
The following stop offers an exceptional perspective on Mont Saint Odile. Called “Leonardsau”, this stage is geared towards travel as a source of discovery.
We then arrive in the old station where "Ottrott" materializes the history of the railway. The layout remains sober to show industrial remains such as the balance bridge, the crane or the pump and with the aim of putting the rails forward.
Finally, at "Saint-Nabor", nature takes its rights and the way disappears in the foliage. The architects operate here a minimal intervention delimiting the quarry garden by corten blades emerging from the ground. The route ends on a high platform where a corten promontory is installed in order to offer walkers an unobstructed view of the Rosheim valley and the Alsace plain.

Pure poetry.

Project title : Portes Bonheur - The Chemin des Carrières
Location: Rosheim - Saint-Nabor (67)
Owner: Community of Communes of the Portes de Rosheim
Mastery of work : Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter and Parenthesis Landscape
Surface area: 11 km
Cost of works: 3.700.000 € HT
Calendar : 2019 delivery

To learn more, visit Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter website et of Parenthèse Paysage

Photographs: Florent Michel 11 am

Zoe Térouinard

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