Fixed or mobile, tiny houses are on the rise.

These small houses made of wood have nothing to envy to villas and large houses. The tiny houses are certainly compact but they are real '' smart homes ''. Made-to-measure, every centimeter counts. For those who want a second home or new offices, the tiny house adapts to all desires. Everything has been thought of to fit it out! And to conserve as much natural light as possible and optimize space, why not opt ​​for LoftNets?

Zoom on the exemplary layout of a tiny house in the South of France.

In the middle of a pine forest in Lacanau (South-West), hides a small house, made by Idéal Tiny, a manufacturer of Tiny House in Nantes. Dressed in a wooden dress, painted black, this tiny house is a daydream for nature lovers. 

Able to accommodate up to 4 people, this tiny 26,77m² house can appeal to small families, such as couples or passing backpackers. 

Very comfortable in addition to its equipped kitchen, this house has a small terrace converted into a relaxation area with LoftNets, here installed to enjoy the calm while inhaling the smell of pines. 

Back inside, it's a real optimization of space. Upstairs in the sleeping area, two nets emerge: one vertical, installed as a railing and another horizontal to create a relaxation area.

Their use responds to a specific need: to optimize the space of this small house, to arrange it as best as possible and to let in natural light. Successful bet with LoftNets.

Railing, terrace, relaxation area, LoftNets have become essential assets for this small house. The easy and practical use of these home nets allows you to obtain a bright and airy living space thanks to the fine meshes of these giant hammocks. 

Its outdoor installation is risk-free. UV resistant and low net relaxation rate, this installation is a safe bet for long afternoons of relaxation in the sun.


About LoftNets the new brand of France Trampoline:

Created in 1971 in Vendée, France Trampoline is the historical precursor among distributors of leisure trampolines in France. For nearly 50 years, France Trampoline, now located in Bordeaux, has diversified into residential and catamaran nets for the past ten years.
Building on this growing expertise, the company decided to create an own brand dedicated to the marketing of nets for the home and boating: LoftNets. Launched in June 2019, the LoftNets brand reaffirms the expertise of the Bordeaux company in this strong trend of tailor-made nets.

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