With the parquet, the German manufacturer Waldilla replaces traditional slatted straight cut through slatted corrugated profile. A different soil, vibrant, organic.

Thomas Tramp us discover its carpets in Tibet wool. Contemporary rugs made by hand and offset patterns, graphics, provocative or funky.

Signed Jason Bruges, this suspension is fitted with 240 white LEDs and a sensory system that allows to vary the light intensity of a simple finger movement on the edge of the unit.

Designed by Markus Fischer and edited by WK Wohnen, the series of dressers and cabinets "The WK 467 faceta" features a faceted surface and embossed.

With candlestick "Cut Glasses" composed of stemware and model "Lego" consisting of the famous little bricks of the same name, John Harrington Design provides us original fixtures, dramatic or entertaining.

Trainspotters offered by these industrial luminaires aluminum protective grille eté have recovered from old factories of the former East Germany. Fully restored and fitted with new bushings, they are now available for sale.

Imagined by Arianna Subri Uroboro of Design, "Bye Bye Shanghai" is a hanging lamp made of recycled cardboard plates. Fragments that become the user can assemble at will to create a custom lamp.

Designed by Michael Bihain designer in collaboration with the architect Cedric Callewaert, this modular sculptural bench consists of elements with organic shapes to perform many combinations.

  Swiss manufacturer of carpets, Ruckstuhl has appealed to the designer Alfredo Häberli to enrich his collection "More". Fruit of this collaboration, a series of innovative contemporary rugs felt reflection on the connection between the elements.
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