FlexiSpot's ergonomic sit-stand desks have been specially designed to allow each teleworker to feel good and maintain their shape on a daily basis. The latest in the range is called Comhar and even offers storage… 

Architect, designer and teacher Bodil Kjær, born 90 years ago in Denmark, is the pioneering woman of mid-century Danish design defined by an international perspective. So many reasons that led the Italian Cassina to include three of his creations in his catalog... 

Isidore Leroy presents his new collections Isii Baji by Abel Rodriguez and Casa tropical by Filipe Jardim. Two ranges of panoramic wallpapers to invite us to discover the worlds of two exceptional artists.

Labor legno, the Italian parquet specialist brand, offers durable solutions that adapt to all outdoor projects. Noble wood species or alternative solutions, Labor Legno terraces can face the vagaries of the weather without flinching while bringing a note of elegance!
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