01.02.10 ofuro bath

Created by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, this bathtub is made of larch wood Larch family. Highly durable and finely textured.

22.01.10 Robinet Titanium

"Titanium" is a series of faucets for bathroom proposed by the New York Watermark Designs maker. With its finely textured buttons, it offers a design technique and elegant time.

19.01.10 Exterior de Wever & Ducre

Focus on a few outside lighting to models of the Belgian manufacturer Wever & Ducre. Sculptural creations with a strong identity for landscaping or urban development.

13.01.10 Glänta Johan Carpner

To the editor Blond, Swedish designer Johan Carpner imagined this light suspension foliage pattern. A play of light and shadow, between abstraction and figuration.

11.01.10 Towel Bosporus

Designed by Saffet Kalender for the British manufacturer Aeon, the towel Bosporus of scale stage or shelf. Creating a hybrid between radiator and furniture.

06.01.10 One, bathroom invisible

With mobile and articulated wood planes, sink, shower and toilet in the range "One" turn into shelves or benches when not in use. A creation between health and furniture Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.

05.01.10 corrugated flooring

With the parquet, the German manufacturer Waldilla replaces traditional slatted straight cut through slatted corrugated profile. A different soil, vibrant, organic.

04.01.10 Mat Thomas Tramp

Thomas Tramp us discover its carpets in Tibet wool. Contemporary rugs made by hand and offset patterns, graphics, provocative or funky.

22.12.09 During Flatliner by Jason Bruges

Signed Jason Bruges, this suspension is fitted with 240 white LEDs and a sensory system that allows to vary the light intensity of a simple finger movement on the edge of the unit.

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