12.12.19 Ntgrate ®: Versatile

The Belgian company ntgrate® produces quality coverings, thanks to a state-of-the-art manufacturing process combining the age-old art of weaving and new technologies. With its brand new series of Versatile cutting shapes, ntgrate® offers an assortment of high-end and functional woven vinyl flooring. A versatile collection with textures and creative styles that offers a multitude of decorative possibilities.

12.12.19 TheSize: Neolith® Mar del Plata

Specialized in frosted stone, TheSize charm us today with a new model with a unique identity: Neolith® Mar del Plata. Defined by its unpolished appearance between marble, slate and concrete, the slab fits into the trend of natural materials and gives kitchens and other bathrooms a raw atmosphere that will lack only a few touches of greenery!

12.12.19 Rieder: Terrazzo black

Since 1958, the family business Rieder has specialized in the manufacture of concrete products, before becoming a leader in the sector. With its latest novelty concrete skin terrazzo black, fiberglass reinforced concrete facade panels, Rieder refreshes the terrazzo. A trend, here declined in concrete, which infuses a graphic spirit with all kinds of architectures.

12.12.19 Abet Laminati: Diplos

Who said wall coverings were always the same? Certainly not the companies Abet Laminati and SAIB, which reinforce the emblem of the wall surfaces with Diplos, an innovative range of wall coverings. A Made in Italy collection that promotes the creative potential of these quality surfaces. Back to the genesis of the project.

12.12.19 Dickson Constant: SWK6

Developed by the French brand Dickson Constant, the SWK6 canvas has everything from the ideal textile: acoustic, durable, aesthetic, and robust, it allows up to 100% sound absorption in many common spaces and is customizable from A to Z, allowing its owners to appropriate it down to the smallest details. Zoom on a product with remarkable technicality and style!

12.12.19 Laudescher: LINEA 3D SCALE

Specializing in slatted panels in solid wood, the French company Laudescher is now partnering with the collective of designers / carpenters WOODLABO to design the LINEA 3D range offering unique and graphic wood coatings. The editor's favorite? SCALE, a product with reliefs as dynamic as they are contemporary.

12.12.19 Tarkett x Note Design Studio: The iQ Surface Collection

Vinyl, we know especially its production at low cost, less its decorative possibilities. Specializing in flooring and surfaces, the French company Tarkett reinvents homogeneous vinyl in a new high-color collection. Made hand in hand with the Note Design Studio, iQ Surface reveals the creative potential of seamless vinyl, a durable, functional and versatile material. Tarkett thus makes his letters of nobility a material long despised. With iQ Surface, vinyl is highly desirable. We want home from floor to ceiling.

12.12.19 Karcher Design: ER54 Montana

Design doesn't stop with furniture! And who better placed than the German specialist in door handles Karcher Design to prove to us that the devil is hiding in the details? Their new model, ER54 Montana, indeed brings the final touch to contemporary interiors thanks to its satin stainless steel finish, so chic!

12.12.19 Rondcarré: Stairs

Installing a staircase at home is not always easy. Lack of space or massive structure, difficult to optimize the ergonomics of his home with this kind of addition. A problem that the Rondcarré brand tries to solve thanks to tailor-made steel stairs that adapt to multiple layouts. Beyond its contemporary design, the staircase comes in three forms to suit all interiors, from the old family building to the new individual housing.

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