The bathroom brand VitrA presents the Voyage collection, born from a collaboration with the artist and designer Arik Levy. Inspired by his time living and working in Japan, Arik Levy worked closely with VitrA's in-house design team to create a bathroom collection that allows both mind and body to loosen.

Launched in 2015 at the instigation of Jean Baudard and his son Charles, the Bibelo publishing house relied on the now fully dedicated creative and visionary talent of designer Margaux Keller to infuse optimism and joie de vivre into spaces to to live. 

133 years of heritage and the greatest collections of fine textiles, wallpapers, and tapestry, will have been enough to make this family business the most essential design house in the United States. 

The discreet sash of the Swao aluminum window range evolves and continues to distinguish itself by playing on the finesse of the profiles and the aesthetics of straight and contemporary lines. It adapts perfectly to new constructions as well as renovations...
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