Between design and math, the Italian studio Lucidi Pevere offers us this coffee table made of sheet steel inspired by the Möbius ribbon, a surface with only one side, described by the mathematician Ferdinand Mobius in 1858.

Designer Armenian Norayr Khachatryan has created this table angular aluminum sheet folded. With its asymmetrical feet, the imbalance is only apparent.

Designed by Dutch designer Erik Griffioen, this chair in folded sheet steel and deforms under the weight ranges and movements of the user. A creation with taut lines and sharp.

This hybrid luminaire combines the functionality of an adjustable spot and the shape of a hanging lamp. A product created by Swedish designers Form Us With Love Studio.

Created by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, this bathtub is made of larch wood Larch family. Highly durable and finely textured.

"Titanium" is a series of faucets for bathroom proposed by the New York Watermark Designs maker. With its finely textured buttons, it offers a design technique and elegant time.

Focus on some models of outdoor lighting from the Belgian manufacturer Wever & Ducré. Sculptural creations with a strong identity for landscaping or urban planning.

To the editor Blond, Swedish designer Johan Carpner imagined this light suspension foliage pattern. A play of light and shadow, between abstraction and figuration.

Designed by Saffet Kalender for the British manufacturer Aeon, the towel Bosporus of scale stage or shelf. Creating a hybrid between radiator and furniture.

With mobile and articulated wood planes, sink, shower and toilet in the range "One" turn into shelves or benches when not in use. A creation between health and furniture Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.
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