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With its ultra thin frame, the Mini-Max system from the Portapivot brand has been designed to appeal to purists. Wherever it is installed, the door reveals the full potential of contemporary interiors.

The Milano project was born in 2006 from Tubes' challenge to enrich the heating body with new content, giving life to technical and formal research towards solutions that were then truly at the forefront.

In a new commercial building, the offices of the Ikanbi call center are housed, which rents the entire complex for its operators. Interior designer Charles Schinckus, from the MonArchi office, took care of the layout of the entire building.

Looking for a new take on designer lighting? With Nedgis, source of inspiration and e-commerce site, created by Audrey and Claire, decoration enthusiasts, lovers of beautiful objects and web experts.

The result of a recent partnership between RECKLI, manufacturer of formwork matrices for concrete, and KEIM, a long-standing manufacturer of mineral paints, RECKLI COLOR by KEIM mineral stain was specially created to coat, decorate and durably protect forged concrete.
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