In their new offices, the Swedish designers of Form Us With Love have lined a wall with multicolored wall tiles in mixed wood fiber and cement. Created in collaboration with the Swedish manufacturer Träullit, these hexagonal shaped tiles are made from wood fiber obtained from cutting logs, mixed with water and cement and then molded. Ecological and original, they are resistant to humidity and water and also have good acoustic performance.

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On this project, Form Us With Love says:

"We were looking into woodwool manufacturers of cement board in order to install it in our new studio, It's an interesting material; simple, good looking and environmental friendy Besides, we needed to stop the echoing..

That's how we found Träullit, the only manufacturer of woodwool cement board in Sweden. It's a strong 20-man factory in the town of Österbymo - little more than a fleck on the map entre Stockholm and Malmö. Initiated a project we break new ground That Would for the 60-year-old Träullit. This is how Hexagon Was created, a collection of hexagonal discs in a Range of colors.

The process of making wood wool cement is quite simple: wood slivers is cut from logs, Then mixed with water and cement and put in a mold to dry into shape. The result is a material That Is environmentally friendly, water resistant, moisture and sound absorbent.

The collection will expand on an annual basis with new colors and new shapes Being Introduced. "

Photos: Jonas Lindström

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For more information, visit the Form Us With Love website.

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