For Oberflex, the 5.5 Designers studio has imagined "Tectonique 5.5" a range of suspended wooden ceilings with a 3-dimensional surface. Presented on Batimat 2011, this system is made up of wooden plates which overlap, shift and overlap to create relief. Both aesthetic, acoustically efficient and fire resistant, the "Tectonique 5.5" collection innovates aesthetically and technically and offers many possibilities to architects and decorators, possibilities usually reserved for tailor-made. The "Tectonic 5.5" range is made up of four "Continent", "Faille", "Eruption" and "Glissement" series and is available in many species.

On this project, the designers specify 5.5:

"Plate tectonics, originally known as continental drift, is the current model of the inner workings of our land. It is the expression in the earthly life of surface. Several phenomena are scientifically listed to describe these movements that give rise to reliefs of our planet.
Ceiling collections TECTONIQUE by 5.5 designed for Oberflex were born of the desire to move our ceilings, forms and give them relief with the design of a new implementation system. It can be summed up: "Everything moves in depth, everything changes on the surface" The result is a series of models designed as movements surfaces that tear, disembowel themselves, stand out and meet to form micro landscapes that we recall that our earth is alive. "

For more information, visit the website 5.5 designers and that ofOberflex.

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