Designed by Karim Rashid in collaboration with Teppo Asikainen, "Soundwave Flo" is a system of decorative and sound-insulating wall plates. A solution suitable for domestic or ERP use.

With a square format of 58,5 cm side and 8 cm thick, these plates are made of fire-resistant felt. Their wave-shaped profile allows, depending on the combinations made, to create many patterns. Their fixing to the wall is also simplified thanks to adhesive strips. 

Usable in housing or public buildings, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, bars, hotels and museums, they allow the attenuation of exterior noise and the reduction of sound diffusion. In fact, the "Soundwave Flo" system partially absorbs sound frequencies above 500 Hz (voices, telephone rings, etc.). For the implementation, it is necessary to count an area of ​​panels equal to 50% of the floor area of ​​the part to be treated.

Published by Offecct, these panels are available in several colors and offered at a unit price of approximately € 166.

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Source: Deco-Design


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